Run the Jewels med Pulling the Pin

08.06.2020 | youtube

Run The Jewels har vist netop udgivet et ny album, det med navnet RTJ4 - hele albummet er til fri download på siden. Tjek lige teksten til albummet:

Fuck it, why wait. The world is infested with bullshit so here's something raw to listen to while you deal with it all. We hope it brings you some joy. Stay safe and hopeful out there. And thank you for giving 2 friends the chance to be heard and do what they love. With sincere love and gratitude Jaime + Mike

Jeg har ærlig talt aldrig lyttet til noget RTJ før. Også selvom Zack De La Rocha (ham fra RATM) er en hyppig gæsteoptræder. Nå. Men for første gang, og så ramlede jeg direkte ind i nummeret Pullin the Pin:

Det er vist Josh Homme fra Queens of the Stoneage der spiller hegn. Omkvædet er sunget af Mavis Staples - vildt hjerteskærende. Vi må hellere nærstudere the lyrics:

[Intro] Yeah Yeah, that cash Yeah, take it, here [Verse 1: El-P] From a long line of the rancidest swine came the?violators The?cloven foot designers?of high crime for the iron?ages Twisting down through time, see them tryna unwind creation Don't be surprised, it's a mistake to think their influence had faded "Well, what a wretched state of danger we've made here," I thought to me Perhaps explaining years of self lobotomy, toxicly Perhaps explaining tears and even tears in my cosmology You numb yourself for years and it can wear upon you, honestly These old foxes got a lotta plots to outfox us (Ayy) Tryna divvy up and dump in corresponding boxes, how obnoxious Where the heart and mind connect, expect them targeting like archers You will not travel towards the light if they're in charge of your departure You'd think the universe forgot us the way the cursed pitch their product (Woo) As though our spirit's not a fire that can't be snuffed or turned to dollars Or the expanse across all space can't be contained in one small dollop Now I see that it's the same moment in history back to haunt us And here we are again Hello void, long time watcher, first time callin' in Every cage built needs an occupant Got a dead bolt, see 'em lock it in Had a good run, but they stoppin' it Wanna Walkman in the coffin lid Eat your heart out, fiction fan Truly the truth's the stranger document [Chorus: Mavis Staples] And at best, I'm just getting it wrong And at worst, I've been right from the start It hurts, I'm bein' torn apart There's a grenade in my heart and the pin is in their palm There's a grenade There's a grenade A grenade [Verse 2: Killer Mike] At best, I feel difficult, poor and you pitiful Then every day's like a satanic ritual Beautiful soul with the rogue and the criminal How long must the holy hold onto they principles? Kickin' and screamin' while watchin' the demons Collecting the gold and the diamond residuals My pastor say, "God has promised us paradise Live a good life, it is pivotal" I promised my mama that I would stay honest But I want it all in the physical And promise I'm honest, I'll probably be punished 'Cause keeping that promise too difficult So picture me red as I sit on the bed With my hands on my head and this pistol too Why the fuck must I be miserable? The devils, they do the despicable And still, they move like they invincible These filthy criminals sit at the pinnacle Doin' the typical, keepin' us miserable Takin' the most and providin' the minimal Hate to sound cynical, but shit is pitiful, times is just critical Like Jimmy Saville, they cheerfully kill kids in a ritual I'll murder the miserables, I'll make it all biblical I'll cut off their heads, they'll beg for their life and I'll put it up digital Fuck the political, the mission is spiritual Our murder is miracle, that was sent here to just punish through terror [Chorus: Mavis Staples] Static in my mind Like sanity on borrowed time Like right and wrong can't be defined There's a grenade in my heart and the pin is in their palm There's a grenade There's a grenade A grenade in my heart

"There's a granade in my heart, and the pin is in their palm" - fuck, den sad. Jeg ved ikke om det bare er fordi jeg ikke har lagt mærke til det, men er rapperne endeligt begyndt at blive vrede igen? Og det vel at mærke over de rigtige ting. Albummet og specielt denne sang er ret fedt produceret, og rap-musikken har ikke været så relaterbar siden RATM i 90'erne.

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