Bukowskis digt City Boy

03.08.2023 | digte

Jeg har været på ferie i Frankrig for at besøge Tue Bo. Der fandt jeg samlingen Bone Palaca Ballet af Bukowski jeg læste i når vi havde chilleren på. I samlingen er der digtet "City Boy" som er totalt fedt. Så nu er det også her:

I stopped in Wyoming to drink in a bar in Cheyenne. maybe I looked Los Angeles. one guy at the bar asked another, "you wearin’ boots?" and the other guy answered, "yeah, I’m wearin’ boots." I was sitting between them and they talked around me. "I don’t think you’re wearin’ boots," the first guy said. "well, I am," the other guy answered. then it got quiet and they just looked at each other. I took a hit of my beer bottle, set it down. "nobody asked me," I said, "but I’m going to tell you anyhow. I’ve never worn boots and I hope that I go to my grave never wearing boots." "maybe that can be arranged," said the first guy. "that’s possible," I said, "but who’s going to arrange it?" "oh, that won't be any problem," said the first guy. "it’s at least going to cause some kind of a problem, don’t you think?" I said. "no, not much," "well, maybe not, but I am kind of curious. who’s going to do the arranging? you?" "maybe." "you're going to let me wonder, huh?" "yep." "well, while I’m wondering, I think I'll have a drink of whiskey. hey, bartender!" this big guy came ambling down. "yeah?" "will you please pour me a shot of whiskey to wonder over?" he ambled off to get it. it got quiet in there. my whiskey came ambling back. I slammed it down. "I kind of like this town," I said, "I think I'll stay awhile." "maybe," said the guy who had been doing all the talking. "you're full of maybies," I said. "How’d you get that way?" "maybe I’m not going to tell you." then it was quiet again, there were 6 or 7 guys in that bar. I took a hit of my beer. then I looked at the other guy sitting next to me. "you’re not wearing boots," I told him. "didn’t say I was." then it got very quiet. everybody just sat there. it stayed quiet. "bartender," I said finally, "a round of drinks for everybody." they were all drinking beer. the bartender went about setting up new beers. then he was finished. I put some bills on the bar. the bartender came down and took all of them. he walked down to the register, hit it and dropped my money into it. then he took a rag and mopped the bar. I got up and walked to the door. then I turned and looked. the bartender was still mopping the bar. the other guys just sat looking straight ahead. I turned and walked out of the bar. nobody said goodbye.

Det handler selvfølgeligt om at være i byen et fremmed sted - med alt hvad det medfører af ejendommelige personager. Skål!

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